Learn More About Cellfield

Based in Warragul, Gippsland, Cellfield is a unique program which helps people break through the barrier to their learning caused by dyslexia and other related processing issues.

Cellfield achieves rapid results and sustainable gains. Average gains of 2 years in reading age can be achieved after just two weeks and the gains continue to improve over time. Cellfield works for both adults and children.

Cellfield can be life changing because of the positive effect on self-belief and confidence which results from improvements in reading and language processing.


What is Cellfield and how does it work?

  • Cellfield is a computer based program suitable for children and adults. The program produces the neural changes necessary to improve reading fluency, concentration skills and reading comprehension.
  • Cellfield “re-configures” the neural pathways that process what and how we interpret printed words.

What is the age limit for Cellfield?

  • Age 8 and older is the ideal age for Cellfield, it words for both adults and children.

How many weeks does Cellfield take to complete?

16 weeks which includes:

  • Pre-Cellfield assessment
  • 10x one hour computer sessions over 2 weeks
  • Post-assessment, 10 days after computer sessions
  • 10 weekly 30 minute follow-up therapy sessions
  • Final 2nd post-assessment

Who is Cellfield suitable for?

Cellfield is a reading program suitable for:

  • Auditory processing problems
  • Concentration
  • Language disorders
  • Children who have difficulty repeating oral instructions
  • Poor reading, spelling and writing skills
  • Children who have trouble recalling what they have read
  • Reading fluency, accuracy and comprehension
  • Children who feel discomfort or fatigue when reading
  • Poor working memory
  • Poor eye movement control
  • ADHD
  • Dyslexia